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Don't know what an IRA is or why it's so important? Don't worry! 

Or, do you have an IRA but don't know where your money is invested or how it's working for you? 

I'm here to teach you on how to make planning for retirement SIMPLE and FUN. You'll manage your own portfolio and watch your money grow year after year!

Services Include 

A Financial Education!  // Step by step guide of opening an IRA or Brokerage account  // Classes explaining different types of investments// Tutorials on how to invest within your accounts // Group Sessions and Social Media Forum  //  Much more...

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 Years worth of compounding your money and dividends 
A Financial Education
 Affordable Prices
Here's what people are saying!

"Collin’s courses are designed to take the fear out of the unknown and streamline the need-to-knows to personalize this dialogue to each client. His openness to conversation, passion for the subject, and expertise as someone who comes from an entertainment background make thinking about this subject matter a much more approachable lifestyle."
- Shane T. 

"Not So Starving Artist was a huge confidence boost! The work Collin did with me was comprehensive and solidified all of the gaps in my previous financial 'education.' I’m excited to say that I literally know how to invest in my future."
- Korra O.


"I was pretty skeptical when it came to investing MY hard earned money. After my first consultation with Collin from The Not So Starving Artist, I quickly realized that was far from the truth and it was simply that I didn’t know enough about the topic. With Collin’s help I’ve not only opened up an IRA, but I’ve also invested into the stock market. Collin made me feel absolutely confident in every part of the process.  In just a couple months I've watched my money grow by 10%. Point blank, instead of sitting on your money, why not use it to have more? Who doesn’t like free!? I’ll wait..."
- Josh H.